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SGD 128.00

Consecutive Surprise!

Product Code: SHR16

1. Camel Crunchy Crackers, 200g
2. Camel Premium Quality Jumbo Groundnuts, 120g
3. Tip Top Stacy’s Snack Chocolate Covered with Vanilla Fillings, 80g
4. Ever Delicious South East Flavour Traditional Handmade Green Peas Cookies , 100g
5. Toblerone, 100g
6. Ferrero Rocher, 24 pieces
7. GB Nougat, 100g
8. The Belgian 20 Dark Chocolate Seashells, 250g
9. Sparkling juice, 750ml
10. Hari Raya Packaging
11. Premium Basket
12. Complimentary Delivery

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